Miami Heat: Flo Rida Records Heat Championship Song

In Sports, Uncategorized on July 27, 2010 at 4:08 am

Haven’t you heard? The Miami Heat won the 2010-2011 NBA Championship!

To commemorate the Heat’s great season rapper Flo Rida wrote the mind blowing song “We Already Won.”

There’s just one minor detail that Flo Rida seems to have forgotten: This Miami Heat team has yet to play a game together.

“We already won, we already won,

And ain’t no need to play no more games

We already won, we already won,

And ain’t no more need to play no more games

Lemme hear you say we number one,

we number one,

we number one,

We already won, we already won, hey”

Oh, and if you think that’s bad, it’s just the chorus.

While Dwyane Wade was busy telling reporters that the Lakers were the team to beat, Flo Rida was in the studio making the bulls-eye on the Heat even larger.

To begin, there are a lot of flaws with the song:

  1. The Heat haven’t won anything. Not a single game. OK they did alright in the summer league, but who knows if a single player from that team will even make the Heat roster.
  2. Flo Rida says, “…ain’t no need to play no more games.” I’ll ignore all the negations he fit into one sentence, and just say I hope the Heat do choose to play their games next season.
  3. The Heat are not number one. They were eliminated in the second round of the playoffs. Their finish would indicate they are somewhere between number five and number eight. The Lakers, as indicated by Wade, are number one until someone else wins a championship.

Let me make one thing clear: The Heat did not sanction this song. In no way is the Miami Heat organization affiliated with the song, and they must do their best to keep it that way.

If I’m in the Heat organization, I first put out a press release saying that the Heat in no way approve of Flo Rida’s song, but thank him for his over-the-top support of the Heat.

Then, I would put out an internal memo asking players to avoid appearing with Flo Rida for a few weeks until the song has cooled down. The last thing the Heat need is their players buying into the mantra that they have “already won.”

Next, I would let DJ Irie (the Heat’s in-house DJ at games) know that the song is absolutely banned inside the arena. The league already hates the Heat. They don’t need a song about us claiming a championship we have yet to win to inspire them more.

In 2009, the Marlins had Pitbull record a song that was played before games that reminded the Marlins it was “time to represent.” Also in 2009, the Dolphins unveiled a new fight song recorded by T-Pain to be played during games.

While these songs were used to pump up fans and players, I have to hope that Flo Rida’s song stays far away from the Heat locker room and arena. The implications are simply too dangerous.

Teams that believe they are supposed to win often do not. Take the Yankees. They consistently have the most talented team in baseball thanks to their payroll. But has that guaranteed championships?

Absolutely not.

If the Heat know whats good for them, and I believe they do, they need to stay far away from Flo Rida and his new single.

The song can be found here

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