American Idol Finalists, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, Credit God

In National News on May 25, 2011 at 7:19 pm

After 10 years, “American Idol” still keeps it Christian among its finalists.
Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina share their faith during American Idol finale.

The young devout Christians, Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery, who are set to bring the first all-country music finale to American Idol beginning Tuesday, are proud to share their faith with the rest of the world.

While some critics have questioned the authenticity of McCreery’s faith because his choice song, “Your Man,” talks about sex and yet he kissed his cross after meeting Lady Gaga, he has proudly displayed his faith to an audience of millions each week since the beginning of the competition by wearing the I Am Second bracelet.
The 17-year-old North Carolina native, admitted to Hollywood Life that amid all the commotion, at the end of the day his faith plays a primary role through the process. He said, “My faith is a big part of my life. I love Jesus Christ with all my heart. He’s got me through this for sure. I need to stay by him through this competition. He’s the only way I’m getting through it.”
During the Q&A slot for “American Idol,” he was asked what his favorite day of the week was and he testified it was Sunday because he gets to go to church and gets to enjoy a home cooked meal by his mom.
He and his fellow competitor, Lauren Alaina, have remained close during the contest. During a conference on Monday, he said that their friendship has erased competition from their vocabulary and replaced it with simply “singing our hearts out.”
Source: Christian Post |  Ariel R. Rey
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