Stories of Pastors Including T. D. Jakes, Hezekiah Walker, Frederick K. C. Price and More Featured in Documentary at American Black Film Festival

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Shirley Caesar

Cover of Shirley Caesar

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Trilogy highlights inspirational stories, especially by black preachers
The problem with preachers is that they preach.

Their strength is their stories.

Parrish Smith remembers how one put him to sleep and the other kept him awake. Now he introduces viewers to the difference in a new documentary trilogy, “The Scroll: Evidence of Life Unseen.”
Smith spoke by phone from Miami, where he screened his documentary trilogy during the recent American Black Film Festival. The three films showcase some of the best-known ministers in America: T. D. Jakes, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Jeremiah Wright, Hezekiah Walker, Frederick K. C. Price and many others.
Even some leaders better known for their singing are included, such as Della Reese and Shirley Caesar. Also among the five women on the list are Vashti McKenzie, the first female bishop in the African Methodist Episcopal Church.
But rather than sermons, Smith recorded stories. Some of them about sinful lives, such as drug dealing, from which the ministers themselves were saved. They also may offer metaphors like T.D. Jakes’ theme on “living suspended.”
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SOURCE: Sun Sentinel

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