All about The Oracle Network: Your new home on the net!!

I wanted to take some time to let you know what The Oracle is all about Is designed to be your home on the net. It was founded and launched on October
After many years of developing the site, has become a
valuable resource for christian hip-hop on the internet, featuring
daily news, interviews, reviews, multimedia, free mixtapes a fast
growing community and other interesting content.
The Oracle is not only a social network. It’s a full christian Hip-Hop magazine and  with industry news, music, videos,
photos, Health Tips, and more!

Personalized Profiles

  • Our members are able to design their own profiles and upload videos, blogs and pictures.
  • It’s also possible for you to adjust you privacy settings.
  • You will find a lot of other familiar features including walls, activity feeds and the ability to search other members.


At The Oracle members get the ability to message one another directly. With our built-in technology, it’s possible to contact
multiple members simultaneously, as well as sub-groups and
individuals. A branded email alert will arrive in the recipient’s
inbox and invite them to come visit the site.
  • Messages can be sent to multiple members at the same time
  • Messages can be sent to members of specific sub-groups and events


At The Oracle, people with similar interests and objectives may want their own space. These sub-groups can be public or
invitation-only and members are able to message one another
directly, creating a real sense of involvement and personal
  • Public or private sub-groups can be created by members
  • Members can share photos, videos and discussions within groups
  • Mass messages can be sent to members

Promoting Events

The Oracle is an excellent platform for organizing and promoting events. Members and sub-groups have the option of making
an event public or private. People can then mark their attendance,
write on the wall and upload photos.
  • Events can be private or public.
  • The creation of new events can be moderated by the network owner
  • Sub-groups on the network can create their own events for their members

Text and
Video Chat

  • At the base of The Oracle you’ll find a chat bar which shows the members online at that moment.
  • It’s possible to chat in real time via text.
  • Video chat without the need to download any additional software.


The Oracle has over 50,000 of the internet’s most addictive online games for free! Play social multiplayer games with other
members or  browse Heyzap’s giant collection of casual games,
all without leaving the site.


Our members can debate hot topics in specially created forums and post video and photos as part of their replies. Participants
are notified of any new responses by email. What’s more, groups are
able to keep their own forums private.
  • Participants can follow discussion topics, receiving email alerts when someone responds
  • Groups can have their own private forums within them
  • Members can embed YouTube videos and photos into their responses


Our members can have thier own blogs complete with any photos, videos, content from YouTube and so on.

  • Every member gets their own blog
  • Members can embed videos and photos into their blogs
  • Members can embed YouTube videos and photos into their responses

Photo and Video

The Oracle can display original videos and photos that our members upload or embed content from other networks. Members can
upload to multiple public or private albums, but we, moderate all
media before it goes live.
  • Members can add photos to multiple public or private albums
  • Members can embed videos or upload them and have them encoded by us in minutes
  • You can choose to moderate all media before it goes live on the network


Our members can sign up to our network by using their Facebook, Google, Yahoo and Twitter credentials. They simply click
on a button in the sidebar and are logged straight in.

Visit The Oracle at:


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